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Experience Africa Like Never Before

Telling Our Stories

Each AfroPunk was born of enriching stories rooted in our culture

African Icons

Africans who have achieved success in their respective fields e.g. Wole Soyinka, the first black Nobel laureate in literature.


Stories of the different deities across the many cultures within Africa e.g. Yemoja, the 'water goddess' in Yoruba culture.

Historic Places

Some of the most fascinating and beautiful parts of Africa you might not have heard of e.g. the Great Zimbabwe ruins.

Notable Figures

Africans who have made a positive impact and moved their respective nations forward e.g. Nelson Mandela.

The Art

The art for our AfroPunks has been years in the making. Our artist had been, unconsciously, developing this style for years—since 2016—so the art has deep meaning. Each element was carefully created to showcase different parts of our culture; so, each piece expresses its own interpretation of what it means to be African.

Skin Tones

celebrates diversity

Tribal Marks

Highlights our culture


exudes "SHAKARA"


shares our beautiful style

Hawker Tray

Shows our grit and hustle


the pain we go through

Our Story

Founding AfroPunkNFT from our college dorm room has been such a journey! We were born and raised in Nigeria and are now college students in Canada; studying industrial design and commerce respectively. Upon finding out about the NFT space in March 2021, we were immediately consumed by the idea of sharing our culture with the world through this technology.

There is so much to us as Nigerians and Africans at large that isn't shared, let alone celebrated around the world today—we have a vibrant culture, amazing music, and most importantly, a young and talented population—with our AfroPunks, we are bringing all this to the forefront by showing the world our African excellence.


An AfroPunk is more than just art. These are emblems of cultural significance, beacons of beauty and truth. By owning an AfroPunk, you become part of so much more. You are not just helping share the story, you become part of the story.


Only 3,333 powerful African women become available for mint.


All AfroPunks were inspired by stories of African icons as well as folklore. Each story is unique to each eligible AfroPunk.


5% of our mint will go towards helping the less privileged in Nigeria. We hope to scale this across different African countries as we grow.

Limited Art

By owning an AfroPunk, you will provably own a limited piece of art that is uniquely yours. No two AfroPunks are exactly the same.

Meet Our Team

Cedric Osagie


Aino Eze-Anyanwu



Experience Africa Like Never before

3,333 African Women
Limited Art
Meaningful  Art
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